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National Guard selects Tele Atlas as primary provider of U.S. geographic map data

The Army National Guard (ARNG) and Tele Atlas have partnered to provide street data to National Guard personnel across the US. It was announced today that the ARNG has selected Tele Atlas, a leader in global digital map databases and real-time traffic information for the U.S., to provide all U.S. geographic map data. The ARNG selected Tele Atlas data for its superior positional accuracy and precise geocoding. Tele Atlas recently announced that it has repositioned 93 of the top 100 U.S. urbanized areas covering 92 percent of the population in those areas.

“The ARNG did not have a sufficient national land base to take us into the future. We had been using government sources and commercial data, but none provided the precise accuracy necessary,” said Josh Delmonico, GIS Manager, Environmental Programs, Army National Guard Bureau. “We were very impressed with Tele Atlas’ digital map database and its ability to precisely locate and match GPS-collected coordinates to the right streets. Also, the way in which the company provides their data will make enable the Guard to make it available to all National Guard units.”

The ARNG’s federal mission is to maintain properly trained and equipped units for prompt mobilization for war and national emergencies. Now more than ever, the ARNG requires accurate local street data to help define various missions including environmental services and disasters, training operations and convoy routes. Since the events of September 11, 2001, the ARNG GIS Team has been providing map support 24-hours a day.

Tele Atlas North focuses on attaining high quality data across its comprehensive network of streets by collecting and verifying attributes such as routing characteristics in the field. Its North American real-time traffic services, collected in conjunction with Westwood One, report on accidents, events, road construction updates, and more. In order to objectively measure and compare quality and enhancements between itself and key competitor GDT, Tele Atlas recently commissioned the development of an analytical program from an independent company, Idea Integration(TM) Corp., that directly compared Census TIGER data to each map provider’s database. The analysis demonstrated that Tele Atlas has repositioned areas covering 92% of the population in Census urbanized areas, while GDT repositioned just 64%.