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National GIS project of India awaiting budget approval

India: The National GIS project of the country is awaiting budget approval from the central government. A senior official involved in this project informed that the budget approval may happen in the following financial year. On the question whether a formal team has been set-up for the project, the official said that there has not been much progress on this front. Speaking on the challenges, the official said finding experienced people for handling such large scale projects is still a challenge in India.

Most of the project components will be outsourced to the private industry. It is one of the much awaited projects after NLRMP and R-APDRP by the Indian Geospatial Industry. Speaking on the complexity of such projects, the official said that making this project a success is a major task as this it is aimed at raising the profile of geospatial industry and uptake of geospatial technologies in India.

Source: Our Correspondent