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National Domestic Violence Hotline in US employs GIS

California, USA, 11 July 2006: ESRI has announced the recent implementation of an ESRI-based GIS at the National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH). Now, when an abused person calls the hotline, she quickly receives helpful information about nearby resources because ESRI’s ArcWeb Services is at work. Information technology consulting firm Catapult Systems designed and developed the new call center application with ArcWeb Services.

The GIS-based system replaces the paper maps and Microsoft Access Forms-based desktop application that hotline workers (advocates) used when assisting callers. Now, when a call comes in to the hotline, an advocate can focus on the caller instead of conducting a lengthy search of disparate printed lists and maps for information on nearby resources.

A caller’s location is automatically identified in a general area on a map such as a city or county, which maintains the caller’s anonymity. Then the advocate can conduct a search for information about battered women’s shelters in the area, whether workers at the facility speak a specific language, if they accept children, and so forth.

Other benefits of implementing ArcWeb Services at the call center include: Eliminating the need to maintain a large database; Allowing advocates to remotely access the system and provide support to the hotline when call volume is expected to increase.