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Nation-wide census planned for Bhutan next year

In a massive nation-wide census exercise in Bhutan planned for next year, the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs will conduct a nationwide population and housing census that will include important demographic and housing as well as socio-economic data. The census, to be conducted over two days, will involve between 6,000 and 7,000 enumerators simultaneously in all the dzongkhags to record every person and every single house in the country. It will follow prescribed international norms so that the information is accepted globally.

The home ministry is developing and designing questionnaires, in consultation with all the ministries; census forms, manuals for training the enumerators, and digitized maps, which would enable the use of GIS that would be able to provide all vital information about any place in the country. For instance, a person looking for information of a particular area like Lungtenphu, can get detailed information like the population density, gender structure, altitude etc. through GIS.

Based on the computerisation and re-authentication of the census data, a computer application software, the Bhutan Civil Registration System (BCRS), would be introduced. The application software would be used for collecting, storing and updating data of every Bhutanese citizen. The new system would also be used to issue identity cards and various civil registration certificates like birth, death, marriage, divorce and adoption certificates.