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NASDRA gets satellite image processing capability

Nigeria: The National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Nigeria, announced that its laboratory got the capacity to download and process images from its satellites. The agency refuted the media report, which claimed that the UK’s Surrey Satellite Technologies Ltd will process the data from Nigerian satellites.

Felix Ale, NASDRA’s spokesperson, explained that the Abuja ground station of the agency is one of the best in the world and equipped with capacities to download and process images downloaded from the three earth Observation Satellites owned by Nigeria, i.e. NigeriaSat-1, NigeriaSat-2, and NigeriaSat-X.

He added that three days after the successful launch of NigeriaSat-X and NigeriaSat-2, there were clear images captured by the two satellites and downloaded from the Abuja ground station. According to him, the ground station for the satellites in the UK serves as a back-up station for the Abuja ground station for the testing period.

Source: allAfrica