NASA, USGS give award for achievement in ocean remote sensing

NASA, USGS give award for achievement in ocean remote sensing


US: NASA and the Department of the Interior”s US Geological Survey (USGS) have presented the 2013 William T. Pecora Award for achievement in Earth remote sensing to Dudley B. Chelton, distinguished professor of Earth, ocean, and atmospheric sciences at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon.

USGS Director Suzette Kimball and Michael Freilich, director of NASA”s Earth Science Division, presented the award to Chelton at the American Geophysical Union”s annual meeting in San Francisco. “Throughout his career, Dudley has been known for developing statistical methods to analyze existing satellite data while preparing for the next generation of remote-sensing instruments,” said Freilich.

Chelton is a pioneer in the oceanographic use of satellite data to explore the role of the ocean in the Earth”s climate system. His work has led to new hypotheses in ocean studies and has inspired many follow-up investigations by the ocean remote-sensing community, increasing the practice and appreciation of ocean remote-sensing. The Pecora Award was established in 1974 to honor the memory of a former USGS director and Interior undersecretary. William T. Pecora was influential in the establishment of the Landsat satellite program, which created a continuous record of Earth”s land areas spanning a period of more than 40 years.

Source: NASA gov