Home News NASA to mark Marks 50th anniversary of Earth Day’s with online contents

NASA to mark Marks 50th anniversary of Earth Day’s with online contents

With the world all set to observe 50th anniversary of the Earth Day on April 22, the US space agency NASA has planned to showcase its contributions in improving the planets environment with stories and online events throughout the week.

Sharing this information, NASA wrote on its website, “NASA’s investment in space – both the unique Earth science we conduct from orbit and the technology we’ve developed by living in space and exploring our solar system and universe – is returning benefits every day to people around the world, particularly those who are working on environmental issues.”

“From documenting Earth’s changing climate to creating green technologies to save energy and natural resources, NASA is helping us all live more sustainably on our home planet and adapt to natural and human-caused changes”, it added futher

However, due to the ongoing Coronavirus worldwide, NASA has not planned any in-person activity of the Earth day. It is trying to bring people for the Earthday with online news contents and other activities that include wide array of at-home projects in the #EarthDayAtHome collection, which will start from April 16.

The space research organisation’s observation of the Earth Day golden anniversary started last month with a “50-Day Countdown” of social media posts daily Showing many of NASA’a Earth images and environmental projects.

Viewers can find all these posts on a blog that are updated daily on NASA’s Earth Day website, which also includes activities for students. It will also post new contents on its site from today. NASAs social media pages will have content on Earth Day.