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NASA to establish geospatial advisory committee

US: NASA is establishing a federal advisory committee for applied sciences that includes geospatial information, according to a report published in SpaceRef. Section 313 of the NASA Authorisation Act of 2005 directs that NASA establish a programme of grants for competitively- awarded pilot projects to explore the integrated use of sources of remote sensing and other geospatial information to address State, local, regional and tribal agency needs. Section 314(a) of this Act requires that NASA establish an advisory committee to monitor the programme established under Section 313.

In 2008, NASA established the Applied Sciences Analysis Group (ASAG) as a task group under the Earth Science Subcommittee of the NASA Advisory Council. The objective of this group was to advise and prioritise the work of NASA”s Earth Sciences Division Applied Sciences Program.

According to SpaceRef, during 2012, NASA has determined that the establishment of a separate independent Federal advisory committee known as the Applied Sciences Advisory Committee (ASAC) is more in line with the letter and spirit of the statutory requirement. The ASAC”s recommendations and analysis can be used to inform decisions on the programmatic scope and priorities, as well as the implementation of Applied Sciences programs. In addition, the ASAC will provide a regular forum for broad discussion of earth science applications and the role of Applied Sciences within and outside of NASA. The ASAC will function solely as an advisory body and comply fully with the provisions of FACA.

Source: SpaceRef