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NASA releases global climate change projections data

The new NASA global data set combines historical measurements with data from climate simulations using the best available computer models to provide forecasts of how global temperature (shown here) and precipitation might change up to 2100 under different greenhouse gas emissions scenarios.

US: NASA has released a detailed view of future temperature and precipitation patterns around the world at a 15.5 mile (25 kilometer) resolution, covering the time period from 1950 to 2100. The dataset, which can be viewed on a daily timescale by the public, is simulated by 21 climate models to show the projected effect of growing concentrations of greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere. The regional level data is expected to help scientists and planners conduct climate risk assessments to better understand local and global effects of natural hazards, including droughts, floods, heat waves and losses in agriculture productivity. The 11-terabyte dataset provides daily estimates of maximum and minimum temperatures and precipitation over the entire globe.

“NASA is in the business of taking what we’ve learned about our planet from space and creating new products that help us all safeguard our future. With this new global dataset, people around the world have a valuable new tool to use in planning how to cope with a warming planet.”

— Ellen Stofan, NASA chief scientist

Ramakrishna Nemani, NEX project scientist at Ames, asserts, "This is a fundamental dataset for climate research and assessment with a wide range of applications. NASA continues to produce valuable community-based data products on the NEX platform to promote scientific collaboration, knowledge sharing, and research and development."

Source: NASA