NASA launches Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 satellite

NASA launches Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 satellite


US: NASA has launched its first spacecraft devoted to monitoring atmospheric carbon dioxide, the heat-trapping gas thought to be responsible for much of Earth's recent warming trend. The space agency's Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 satellite (OCO-2) blasted off (July 2) from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

The satellite will measure carbon dioxide levels in earth's atmosphere 24 times every second, revealing in great detail where the gas is being produced and where it is being pulled out of the air — CO2 sources and sinks, in scientists' parlance.

"With the launch of this spacecraft, decision-makers and scientists will get a much better idea of the role of carbon dioxide in climate change, as OCO-2 measures this greenhouse gas globally and provides incredibly new insights into where and how carbon dioxide is moving into, and then out of, the atmosphere," Betsy Edwards, OCO-2 program executive at NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C., told reporters during a pre-launch press briefing.

Source: Yahoo news