NASA launches mini-satellite built by students

NASA launches mini-satellite built by students


US: A rocket carrying a mini-satellite built by University of Hawaii students was launched from NASA”s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The satellite, built by about 50 students from the UH Manoa College of Engineering”s Small Satellite Program, will perform radar calibration and performance monitoring for US Department of Defense and NASA radar stations that track missiles, aircraft, rockets, satellites, asteroids, and space junk.

The satellite, called Ho”oponopono 2 or H2, imeasures 4 inches by 4 inches by 13 inches weighs less than 9 pounds and cost $220,000 to build. It replaces a satellite 20 times larger and 40 times more expensive that recently failed in orbit. Ho”oponopono means “to make right” in Hawaiian.

The university”s mini-satellite is one of 28 carried by the rocket.

Source: Hawaii