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NASA keen to rope in Indian to analyze satellite data

A senior NASA official Saturday said the U.S. research body is keen to get Indian help in analyzing its satellite data. “We are swimming in a sea of data sent in by our satellites,” said Jim Dodge, program director of earth sciences at National Aeronautics and Space Administration. “All this will have to be modeled and put into small amounts of data to be given to the society. Here is where India, with its mathematicians and scientists, can help,” Dodge told.

Dodge speaking at the Indian Science Congress, however, did not elaborate on whether NASA would be hiring Indians or subcontracting work to Indian agencies. He said NASA’s focus has shifted to analyzing existing information to help farmers, weather forecasters and others, from merely expanding the base of data collection. He said NASA was more interested in putting years of data in a moving graphic format that makes it easy to understand the planet’s behavior.

Source:Associated Press