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NASA establishes office of program analysis and evaluation

NASA Administrator Michael Griffin announced recently the establishment of the Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation (PA&E), headed by Dr. Scott Pace. The Office of Program Analysis & Evaluation reports directly to the Administrator. This office will provide independent analysis on all aspects of NASA programs that is objective, multidisciplinary and as transparent as possible.

PA&E will examine a variety of issues of strategic importance to NASA. The office will ensure all aspects of a major decision are considered and obtain pertinent information required to assist the Administrator in making well-informed, timely decisions. The long term goal of the office is to ensure a strong, objective, professional PA&E function exists to serve the agency, as NASA continues to pursue the Vision for Space Exploration. The office exists only to serve NASA and its mission. PA&E has no vested interest in any sector of the NASA budget, and therefore retains its integrity as an independent assessment office.