NASA conducts study and research projects across Earth

NASA conducts study and research projects across Earth


US: NASA is working on its eight major projects that will be undertaken over a period of coming six months. The research projects will range from Greenland ice sheet to the South Pacific coral reefs. The purpose of this vast scientific investigations campaign is to understand how much of human involvement in responsible for changing the Earth environment.

"Combining the long-term global view from space with detailed measurements from field experiments is a powerful way of deciphering what's happening in our world," said the Director of NASA's Earth Science Division, Michael Freilich.

The first project has already begun and involves investigating the level of ice sheets being melted from below by the oceans surrounding Greenland. The Korea US-Air Quality (KORUS-AQ) project in South Korea is set to commence is May 2016, with focus on air quality.

The teams of scientists involved in the Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment will be spending most of the year in the tundra and forests of Alaska and northwestern Canada to study how climate affects wild fires, thawing permafrost, wildlife migration habits and insect outbreaks.

Source: NHV.US