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NASA Awards phase 2 laser for space LIDAR contract

SANTA CLARA, USA: Redfern Integrated Optics, Inc. (RIO) today announced that it has been awarded a Phase 2 SBIR contract for further development of its breakthrough single-frequency narrow-linewidth semiconductor laser technology in the 1064nm spectral region, suitable for spaceflight operation.

RIO’s proprietary external-cavity semiconductor laser is packaged in a standard 14-pin compact “butterfly” package and produces a single-frequency output with a linewidth less than 2 kHz, ultra-low phase and relative intensity noise, and high immunity to vibrations, all under a wide range of operating temperatures.
“Our partnership with NASA in the development of superior laser sources for the next generation space LIDAR instruments has reached a new stage with this award which will enable RIO to expand its narrow-linewidth laser product line to 1064 nm,” said Dr. Radu Barsan, chairman, president and CEO of RIO. “We are very proud of the confidence NASA has placed in RIO’s game-changing technology and we are strongly committed to providing the best-in-class lasers for LIDAR applications in the aerospace, atmospheric, and wind energy markets.”

RIO’s PLANEX(TM), ORION(TM), and RIO-Grande(TM) lasers are ideal solutions in multiple applications where absolute accuracy, lifetime reliability over demanding field conditions, and high resolution are critical, including remote sensing, distributed temperature, strain, or acoustic fiber optic monitoring, high resolution spectroscopy, LIDAR and other precision metrology applications.

Source: marketwatch.com