NASA adds GIS feature to Giovanni

NASA adds GIS feature to Giovanni


US: NASA added a GIS feature to Giovanni, a web-based application developed by GES DISC, which provides a simple interface that allows rapid generation of data maps, time-series plots, comparison diagrams, and other analytical displays that allow scientists and professionals to investigate data suited to their particular research and investigative needs.

GES DISC developers recently augmented the most-recent version, Giovanni-4, to better serve GIS users. These features comprise regional input selections and GIS-compatible image formats. Due to common requests from the GIS community, Giovanni-4 added the GeoTIFF image-format output.

Giovanni-4, as with its predecessors, allows users to select a customized region for analysis in two ways. The first is an interactive map can be used to select boundaries of a rectangular region. The second one is the Geographical coordinates for corner points of a desired rectangular region can be manually submitted. To better serve GIS users, Giovanni-4 added Shapefiles for countries, U.S. states, and major world watersheds.

Source: EiJournal