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NARGIS 2005 to be held in July

NARGIS – the North Australian Remote Sensing and GIS forum came into being in 1993. Since then conferences have been held biannually in the Northern Territory and Queensland. Over the last decade great technological advancements have been made in the spatial sciences. As NARGIS goes into the next decade of existence, the spatial sciences are set to evolve even further.

The amalgamation of many institutes involved in the spatial sciences to form the Spatial Science Institute in 2003 signifies a move towards greater applicability of the technology and the need for cross-disciplinary understanding and increased communication between groups. NARGIS 05 attempts to provide a forum, which will bring together people from a range of disciples that will come under the umbrella of the spatial sciences in Northern Australia. It will be organized from 4th to 7th July, 2005 in Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Australia.