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Nanonavi integrated with nanofinders

January 8th, 2009 – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – Nanomatic, company that makes secure mobile social applications and location aware devices, recently presented the integration of its mobile social application nanonavi, with its devices called nanofinders. The integration of social networks with true location based devices has long been desired by consumers; a nanofinder, in conjunction with nanonavi, provides this solution.

Nanonavi is a social application for consumers to plug in on social networks and download to their mobile phone. It mashes up all the relevant profile information of friends and family from every major social network to map to locations using GPS on any GSM network in the world. Consumers can stay connected with a whole new layer of information to share and receive, including real-time mapped locations, Geo-tagged photos or videos, and points of interest to show to friends across all major social networks so they can stay in contact via maps or satellite images.

nanofinders are small global devices that work with all GSM carriers worldwide – and connect with nanonavi to allow consumers to locate the things and people they care about in real-time. nanofinders fit on a pet’s collar, child’s belt, or that can be attached to a car or other objects to be remotely monitored from a social network or phone. nanofinder’s can synch with the nanonavi application on mobile phones for real-time location information using GPS, and any GSM network in the world.

Current nanofinders include the PersonalFinder, PetFinder, CarFinder, FriendFinder, the TimeFinder. The devices are found in the nanoStore at the nanonavi.com site.