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Namibia surveys its mining potential

Namibia: Known as one of the world’s largest producers of superior quality diamonds, Namibia is constantly looking for ways to further enhance its mining potential. Surveying forms an important part of this assessment. Southern Mapping Company (SMC) has conducted many survey projects to help elevate Namibia’s mining output.

Peter Moir, Chief Executive for SMC, said, “By expanding our horizons and doing surveying not only in South Africa, but in Africa and other countries around the world, we are contributing towards sustainability of resources through project planning enhancement.”

Now, the exploration and emerging uranium development company, Bannerman, has also shown interest in Namibia as well as Botswana. They are currently in the planning phases for the Etango Project, which focuses on one of the world’s largest undeveloped uranium deposits. SMC was commissioned to undertake surveying to help with preparations for this project.

Andrew Cunningham, Geology Superintendent for Bannerman Resources provided details of SMC’s involvement. “The terrain surveyed varied from the flat, featureless Namib Desert plains to areas with an extreme topography, such as the Swakop River gorge. The total survey area was 237 square kilometres.  Information derived from this survey was used for a variety of purposes, such as mine planning and optimisation, construction or engineering planning, ore reserve estimations and exploration planning. Accurate aerial lidar surveys will form part of the company’s future development and will be used in stockpile estimation, environmental monitoring as well as other planning processes.”

Source: Martin Snoek Communications