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Namibia sets up satellite applications research centre

Namibia: Namibia Polytechnic’s Department of Land Management set up an Earth Observation and Satellite Applications Research and Training Centre (EOSA-RTC).
The centre’s main objective will be to provide information to farmers, government and researchers. The centre will get satellite data from various resources. It will also provide information on ground vegetation, soil moisture, rainfall estimates and information on the timing, extent and frequency of veld fires.
According to the head of Land Management, Charl-Thom Bayer, the ultimate goal of the centre, aside from providing improved opportunities for students and teachers, is to provide interested parties in Namibia access to a wide variety of information that will boost agriculture. 
The centre, he said, will act as an “additional information base” to existing informational pools farmers and others use.
Source: www.tmcnet.com