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Namibia gears up for nationwide use of GIS

Namibia: Namibia set up Geo-Information Society of Namibia (GISNA) which was officially announced during the country’s first GIS conference. GISNA aims to promote unity amongst geo-information users/communities and strengthen geo-information industry by the Government of the Republic of Namibia.

During the conference GISNA representatives identified GIS activity in the country. They mentioned that there is a Bachelor of Geo-Information Technology (BGIT) programme, offered by Polytechnic of Namibia. The programme aims to produce graduates who would be capable to collect, analyse and integrate geographic information. They proposed:
– Recognition of the GIS industry by the government of the republic of Namibia like elsewhere in the world.
– Recognition by the Public Service Commission of Namibia of the work profiles of GIS professional, GIS technologist and GIS technician.
– Promotion of the use of GIS tools in all spatial related problems for improved decisions.
– Recognition of the role that GIS can play at all levels of government (national, regional and local).

Source: Informante