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NAGCS announces its formation

The National Association of GIS Centric Software (NAGCS) announced their formation recently. NAGCS is an association of software ESRI Authorized Developers dedicated to providing enterprise GIS solutions while promoting the unique characteristics and benefits of GIS centric software and applications. The association also promotes interoperability, open standards and shared access among related applications, distinguishing these applications and software systems from other approaches.

NAGCS certification is available to any software system that meets the criteria described by the association. Systems that meet these criteria are then authorized to carry the NAGCS Certification mark. The association’s founding members include: Azteca Systems, Tadpole Cartesia, NovaLIS, Miner & Miner and RouteSmart Technologies. More software companies are expected to join while an interim management team is in place to govern the association until it can be self-operational. The association will soon be announcing the appointment of a third party agent that will review and evaluate applicants for certification.