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NAC Geographic enhances Google Maps

Toronto, Canada, 25 June 2007: NAC Geographic announced the release of the NAC Enhanced Google Driving Directions – an integration of Natural Area Coding System and Google Driving Directions through Google’s AJAX APIs to provide a language-independent global service to connect to any location with or without street address.

The NAC Enhanced Google Driving Directions allows users to use a Natural Area Code (NAC) in addition to latitude/longitude coordinates, street addresses, POIs and ZIP/postcodes to specify start, stop and end locations. A NAC is a represention of any area and location in the world. A two-character NAC represents an area about 1000km X 700km (like a province), a four-character NAC represents an area about 33km X 23km (like a city), a six-character NAC roughly represents every square kilometer area, an eight-character NAC represents an area about 35m X 25m (like a building), and a ten-character NAC approximately represents every square meter on the earth surface. Since an eight-character or a ten-character NAC has reached the resolution of a traditional address, it is also called a Universal Address, for example, the Universal Address of Washington Monument is NAC: 8KDB PGFD.

If a user don’t have Universal Address of a given location, then he can obtain it on Universal Address Lookup Service and NAC Enhanced Google Maps. Along with this NAC enhanced GPS receiver provides new capabilities such as Locamagic which provides all NAC enhanced locating/positioning, navigating, biz searching, tracking and monitoring services.

About NAC Geographic:
NAC Geographic Products Inc. is a company in geographic information technologies. In addition to the Natural Area Coding System, the company has developed GIS software products and provides real-time geo-services (geocoding, reverse-geocoding, mapping, driving directions, nearby business searching and traffic information) for web applications and wireless location based services.