Home News ‘N. Korea enhancing GPS jamming capability’

‘N. Korea enhancing GPS jamming capability’

Seoul, South Korea: North Korea is developing GPS signal jammers with an extended range of more than 100 kilometres, revealed South Korean Defense Ministry in a report submitted to the parliamentary committee on defence.

The report also said the North imported about 20 communications and radar jamming devices from the old Soviet Union. So far, North Korea has been known to have mounted Russian-made jamming devices on vehicles near the military demarcation line that can disturb GPS signals within a radius of 50 kilometres to 100 kilometres.

The ministry informed that the North operates a regiment-sized electronic warfare unit near Pyongyang, and some battalion-sized units closer to the front lines. The report added that the North could soon begin developing electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bombs that can damage high-tech defence systems such as radars and communication networks.

Earlier this year, the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) complained that the North was jamming GPS signals in the South, but Seoul’s attempt to lodge a formal complaint was rejected. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) at the UN also urged Pyongyang to stop disrupting signals in South Korea.