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MWH Soft releases InfoWater UDF Suite

Colorado, USA, 23 August 2006: MWH Soft, a provider of environmental and water resources applications software, has announced the worldwide release of InfoWater UDF (Unidirectional flushing) Suite, which combines the company’s state-of-the-art geocentric solution for unidirectional flushing of drinking water distribution systems with a new field journal designed to guide field personnel in planning and implementing the optimal sequence of unidirectional flushing.

InfoWater UDF delivers flexibility in managing the systematic flushing of water distribution systems to remove stagnant water along with mineral and sediment deposits that accumulate over time-restoring hydraulic capacity and improving water quality.

Built atop ArcGIS (from ESRI), InfoWater UDF Suite seamlessly integrates advanced dynamic water network modeling with the latest generation of ESRI GIS technology. The application capitalizes on the intelligence and versatility of the GIS geodatabase architecture to help water utilities develop flushing sequences for each flushing zone, quickly identify which fire hydrants and water main valves should be manipulated for proper cleaning without excessive pressure drops (e.g., below 20 psi), and maintain the desired level of hydraulic performance in the system.

The program considers the temporal variation in flow velocity magnitude and direction due to changes in demands, tank levels and operating conditions. It also computes minimum flushing time, total flushing volume and pipe length, flushing velocity of every pipe in the sequence, and available fire flow at the minimum residual pressure. The hydraulic impact of each flushing sequence is also monitored to ensure that the desired minimum pressure is maintained throughout the system.

The new field journal (or flush book) contains all the information a water utility requires to effectively implement an optimal unidirectional flushing program for maximum cleaning at maximum cost savings. A detailed, complete series of graphical maps and technical data sheets graphically show the fire hydrants and valves that must be manipulated for systematic, unidirectional cleaning of each flushing zone and flush sequence analyzed. The journal also reports important information such as pressure and flow, flushing volume, flushing duration, and water quality.

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