MWH Soft releases InfoWater LDM

MWH Soft releases InfoWater LDM


Broomfield, Colorado, USA, September 13, 2006 – MWH Soft, a provider of environmental and water resources applications software, today announced the worldwide release of InfoWater Leak Detection Manager (LDM), a state-of-the-art geocentric modeling solution for detecting underground water system leakage. Based on the UK water industry standard step-testing method, this world-class, practical water conservation solution helps water utilities quickly and reliably detect where leakage is occurring in the network.

InfoWater LDM has the power to help water utilities worldwide eliminate inefficiencies in their drinking water distribution systems and the resulting loss of revenue. It can also help reduce the risk of contamination, lower operational costs associated with increases in pumping and treatment, improve system pressures and firefighting capability, and forge closer ties with customers.

InfoWater LDM provides water utilities with a powerful operational tool to control the loss of water they have paid to obtain, treat, and pressurize. It also reduces the chances that leaks will cause major property damage, adverse environmental impacts, and detrimental or fatal water quality episodes. Reducing leakage can also defer treatment plant expansion and eliminate the need to search for future water resources to accommodate population growth.

Built atop ArcGIS (ESRI, Redlands, California), the application seamlessly integrates advanced water network modeling and computational graph-theory to provide a fully automated step-test leak detection solution in the GIS environment. In the step-test method, the network is subdivided into distinct areas with excessive leakage. The size of each area is then systematically reduced by closing valves on each section of pipe in succession, while measuring changes in the flow rate at a meter installed on the input main to the area. A large drop in flow rate indicates excessive leakage in the last section of pipe closed.

– MWH Soft
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