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MWH releases GIS-centric decision support software

USA: MWH Soft, provider of environmental applications software, has released CapPlan for InfoWater, a GIS-centric decision support software for water infrastructure management and risk assessment. According to the company, the new software changes the way water utilities plan the relative phasing of necessary system improvements by allowing users to effectively assess both the probability and consequence of failure for each asset. Probability of failure is determined based on the pipe’s physical condition and location, as well as its hydraulic performance characteristics.

MWH Soft claims that CapPlan calculates the risk of each asset as the product of probability times the consequence of failure. The attention can then be given to water mains at highest risk. With this evaluation in hand, water utilities can create fully prioritized short- and long-term water main rehabilitation, replacement, maintenance and management plans and develop sound, cost-effective capital programs to support them.

Paul Boulos, president and COO of MWH Soft, said: “CapPlan for InfoWater is being built in close collaboration with our engineering communities to ensure that their expectations and requirements are met. It delivers the advanced functionality water professionals need to help strengthen and optimize their hydraulic infrastructures and keep them operating efficiently well into the future.”