Munsys celebrates 10 years on Oracle

Munsys celebrates 10 years on Oracle


Clearwater, Florida, January 18 , 2008 – Munsys celebrates 10 years of running on Oracle spatial technologies. For a decade now, the Munsys solution for utilities and local government has been using a central database with pre-defined Oracle spatial data models. Oracle has consistently provided a high performance data repository for the integrated family of Munsys applications.

While Munsys uses Autodesk design products for spatial data creation and editing, Oracle spatial technology has been the backbone of the data management, reporting and integration capabilities. The ability to work on spatial data in AutoCAD while the data is available as first class database tables revolutionizes the way utilities and local governments can use and manage their asset information.

Spatial data typically stored in drawings and proprietary formats can now truly become part of the corporate dataset and easily be integrated with other enterprise systems at the database level. A pipe segment for example is a single database record that is available to tabular based applications for reporting and record keeping, such as maintenance history, but that same database record can also be used as a graphic entity in AutoCAD for design, mapping and editing.

“Our focus has always been on building applications and tools that streamline the data editing and maintenance processes rather than technology development. Building applications on Oracle has been extremely rewarding and enabled us to deliver high end functionality to our customers for 10 years now. We are excited by the positive impact the Oracle platform continues to deliver for our customers,” said Chris Tolken, founder of Munsys.