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Municipality of Nyn

Exton, USA, 12 February 2007 – Bentley Systems has announced that the Municipality of Nynäshamn, a community of 25,000 near Stockholm, has joined Bentley’s Municipal License Subscription (MLS) programme.

Commenting on the municipality’s MLS, Tom Lillhannus, Mapping and Surveying Engineer for Nynäshamn, said, “In the next few years, we will handle more than 60 projects, including major ones crucial to the growth of Nynäshamn’s infrastructure. Successful completion of this ambitious workload will require the broad range of advanced software solutions readily available through Bentley’s MLS. Moreover, our new MLS will provide us with a greatly needed standardized platform that allows us to easily share project information – internally and externally – in a variety of formats.”

Bentley’s MLS offers municipalities all the software they need to design and manage all their infrastructure for a fixed annual fee based on population. The breakthrough program enables them to improve productivity and reduce administrative costs by outfitting their entire mapping and engineering organizations with fully integrated software for GIS and engineering workflows. This leads to improved services and more efficient government.

Nynäshamn has under way or in the planning stages several major infrastructure projects that will serve its citizens as well as its expanding business sector. The projects include a four-lane highway, a double-track commuter line that will also accommodate additional rail freight transportation, and a new deep-sea port. Nynäshamn’s new MLS program will help facilitate each of these projects, along with a growing list of others, and enable the municipality to streamline its GIS and engineering workflows.

Nynäshamn will take advantage of the program’s cost-efficiencies to expand its use of MicroStation. In addition, it will begin to deploy other applications in Bentley’s comprehensive portfolio of software across its entire organization.

Said Lillhannus, “We’ve also joined Bentley’s Enterprise Training Subscription program, which entitles the entire staff to unlimited professional training by Bentley Institute. So, not only do we get the software we need to complete our infrastructure projects, we also get the training we need to use our new software as effectively as possible.”

For more information about Bentley’s MLS program initiative visit www.bentley.com/MLS.

– About Nynäshamn
The municipality of Nynäshamn, which has a population of 25,000, is situated 50 kilometers south of Stockholm. With almost 2000 islets nearby and a coastline of around 1000 kilometers, it is one of the most beautiful municipalities in the archipelago. Over the coming decade, Nynäshamn will complete a number of important infrastructure projects, including the expansion of National Road 73 between Nynäshamn and Stockholm into a four-lane highway and the construction of a new harbor that will help facilitate eastbound trade, to and from Sweden. For more on Nynäshamn, visit www.nynashamn.se.