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Municipal Software Wins GTC Best Solutions Award

Municipal Software Corporation, a developer of local government business process automation software and a wholly owned subsidiary of Municipal Solutions Group, Inc., has announced that it will be awarded one of 15 Government Technology Conference (GTC) Best Solutions Awards at the GTC West trade show in Sacramento, California at the Sacramento Convention Centre from May 15-17, 2002.

Best Solutions are exhibitor awards presented at the GTC to companies that develop a solution for a specific customer to help solve a particular problem. The solution must have resulted in significant benefits. It must have saved time, money or headaches and is worthy of recognition.
Municipal Software will be presented with a plaque and a ribbon during a ceremony at the conference.

The award-winning solution was developed for the City of Keene, New Hampshire in 1999. Municipal Software developed an automated Voter Registration System for the City of Keene. The system was custom designed to meet the requirements of Federal, State, County and Municipal elections. The system allowed Keene to maintain the voter registration list and use this list to check off voters at the polling stations, track the election a voter is voting in and his or her party affiliation (R,D,I) and link to the voter’s address, so that when voters move to a new address all their voting history moves with them. The system was first used in the 1999 presidential primary and has been used in federal, state, county and municipal elections since then.

Rebecca Lake, the Director of Information Management Services for the City of Keene said that the new process made adding voting marks easy and reduced the possibility of error in recording party affiliations. She also said, “The fact that a ward checklist is now essentially always up-to-date with new information will further enhance our customer service in terms of providing very timely information upon demand.”

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