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Municipal Software Corporation welcomes GIS systems

Municipal Software Corporation, a developer of local government business process automation software and a wholly owned subsidiary of Municipal Solutions Group, Inc. is proud to welcome the Village of Arlington Heights, Illinois (population approx. 76,000) as their 7th client in the state. The village plans to use CityView 8.NET Enterprise for all major daily business including Building and Zoning, Planning, Engineering, Public Works and Health, including service requests, work orders and engineering in order to develop a comprehensive asset management system. Along with this move to an enterprise solution, there will be a high level of integration with their existing GIS system. The village began their search for an enterprise solution last year and found that many solutions were ‘modular’ in nature. Arlington Heights searched for a solution to satisfy multiple needs in many different departments. “It is always difficult to find a system that will combine all issues related to building permits, inspections, planning, and licenses and still handle issues related to asset management including water and sewer and work orders. The main goal was to integrate daily business operations with GIS and automate all of these tasks to a maximum,” commented Kwiatkowski. The village found the solution they were searching for in CityView 8.NET Enterprise.

Since its incorporation in 1887, the Village of Arlington Heights has grown into the largest Cook County suburb and the fifth largest suburb in the metropolitan area.
CityView 8.NET Enterprise is a true enterprise solution that integrates functions across an organization and enables e-government. CityView 8.NET helps government automate business processes such as Building, Planning, Code Enforcement, Business Licensing, Public Works, Emergency Management and more. Award-winning CityView integrates with existing systems, including financials, other departmental automation software, document management, IVR, cashiering, field data collection and GIS. With clients in 30 states and five provinces, and in business for over 20 years, Municipal Software Corporation is the one-stop provider of everything government needs for an enterprise solution, including the software, the training, the services and the post-purchase support.