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MultiVision USA relocates its headquarters

Orlando,USA, August 9, 2007: To accommodate growth in its oblique aerial imaging business, MultiVision USA has moved its headquarters office to a new location in Orlando. The Orlando headquarters is home to MultiVision USA marketing, sales and business development support personnel.

The MultiVision USA production facility, which underwent an expansion earlier this year that effectively doubled its processing capacity, will remain at a separate location in Orlando, just a few miles from the headquarters office.

“MultiVision USA has experienced remarkable growth in our share of the oblique aerial imaging market in 2007, which has necessitated larger accommodations for our operations,” said Dave Ledgerwood, MultiVision USA President. “We anticipate a further expansion of our client base in 2008, especially after we introduce an enhanced version of the MultiVision viewing system later this year.”

Among the dozens of contracts awarded to MultiVision USA in 2007, the most significant was the Massachusetts state-wide oblique imaging project won in a competitive bidding process by MultiVision USA’s parent company, Greenman Pedersen Incorporated (GPI). Massachusetts plans to deploy the MultiVision USA tool at four state-wide levels. The system will be used by the Massachusetts Highway Department for project planning, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency and the State Police for emergency response planning, and by the Massachusetts GIS division as the state-wide depository for spatial data. In addition, the system will be available to each of the state’s 351 cities and towns for project planning, public presentations, and for performing tax assessments of properties in their respective areas.

MultiVision USA credits its growth in 2007 to the introduction of its integrated oblique imagery and 3D viewing solution, the first of its kind unveiled in the United States specifically for use by multiple departments within city and county governments. Still popular among Property Appraisers, the MultiVision system has been embraced by Public Safety and Public Works departments as well.

A major factor in the multi-departmental acceptance of MultiVision technology is that it enables users to view infrastructure in true 3D and run simulation analyses, like floods and storm surges, in their GIS environment without third-party vendors or expensive add-on modules.