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MultiNet 2006.10 global digital map database launched by Tele Atlas

Carlsbad, USA, 16 November 2006 – Tele Atlas, a provider of digital maps and dynamic content for navigation and location based solutions, today unveiled Tele Atlas MultiNet 2006.10 — the next generation of its MultiNet global digital map database.

This latest version of the company’s development platform for navigation and location based applications encompasses a complete street network vector database covering major and interconnecting roads, local streets and 650 million addresses in 51 countries. MultiNet 2006.10 also features latest accurate digital map of North America.

MultiNet is the global data and content foundation for leading consumer and enterprise mapping solutions, including in-car navigation systems and portable navigation devices, PDAs and mobile phones. MultiNet contains data from more than 50,000 authoritative resources, including Tele Atlas’ patented Mobile Mapping Van technology.

MultiNet contains the features required to develop navigation and location based solutions, including: Indexing and geocoding accuracy, through its innovative new Locality Index; Uniform global coverage and standards to facilitate multi-region development.

The other features of the product are: A 10.4 percent increase in North American business address geocoding rates; A 6.9 percent increase in U.S. household and a 9.4 percent increase in Canadian household geocoding rates; A 6.3 percent increase in new road details, including a 14 percent increase in new road details in the U.S.; A 46 percent increase in city centers and a 25.2 percent increase in points of interest (POIs) in Canada; Significantly expanded coverage of Eastern Europe, with the availability of street level coverage in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and expanding coverage in Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

MultiNet 2006.10 is available immediately; for additional information, please visit www.teleatlas.com.

– About Tele Atlas
Tele Atlas delivers the digital maps and dynamic content that power navigation and location-based services. Founded in 1984, the company employs approximately 2,300 full-time staff and contract cartographers at offices in 20 countries around the world and uses a sophisticated network of professional drivers, mobile mapping vans and more than 50,000 data sources to continually update its maps. For more information, visit www.teleatlas.com.