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Multimap selects MapInfo Routing J Server to direct customers

MapInfo announced that it has supplied Multimap, Europe’s provider of mapping and location-based services, with its street network routing solution, MapInfo Routing J Server. Attracting more than six million unique visitors every month, Multimap.com is utilising MapInfo Routing J Server to provide users with an intuitive, Internet-based door-to-door travel direction service. The service is available for Great Britain and Europe.

MapInfo Routing J Server enables businesses to host high volume routing requests, calculate the quickest route between two points, and return reliable directions via the Internet or corporate Intranet. Users of Multimap.com can now enjoy quicker, easier and more accurate access to routing information. Routing J Server can take account of dynamic factors such as traffic and weather conditions, as well as preferences for road types or ‘no go’ areas. It forms part of an integrated suite of location technology that enable customers to locate, track and direct people or assets, enhance business processes for mobile employees or to offer services to customers on the move.