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Multigen-Paradigm siteBuilder 3D supports ESRI’s ArcGIS platform

MultiGen-Paradigm, Inc., a provider of 3D visual simulation software solutions, announced availability of SiteBuilder 3D v1.1.1 for ESRI’s ArcGIS platform. SiteBuilder 3D, an extension to ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop software products including ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo, quickly and easily transform 2D map data into realistic and fully interactive three-dimensional scenes. SiteBuilder 3D is used primarily by city planners, land use planning firms and civil engineers to build consensus and present new developments to citizens and public officials. In addition, Defense and Intelligence users rely on SiteBuilder 3D to quickly produce accurate 3D scenes of geospecific areas for mission planning and situational awareness applications. SiteBuilder 3D can generate 3D terrain models from common elevation data sources including digital elevation models and contour maps. To enhance the realism of the 3D scene, the terrain models can be draped with high-resolution aerial or satellite imagery. After the 3D scene is created, users can virtually fly, walk and drive through their scene by using their mouse as a pointing device to view the scene from any angle. Cloud, fog and time-of-day features increase the realism of the flythrough. In addition, the product ships with a library of over 125 photo-realistic 3D models and textures.