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Multigen-Paradigm announces new 3D modelling tools to strengthen 3D GIS visualization capabilities

MultiGen-Paradigm, a developer of realtime 3D graphics software solutions, announced the availability of version 1.1 of SiteBuilder 3D, an extension to ESRI’s popular ArcView® GIS desktop mapping program. SiteBuilder 3D provides users with a solution to quickly and easily transform 2D map data into realistic, fully interactive 3D scenes. In addition, the company is announcing the initial release of ModelBuilder 3D, an optional authoring software toolset that gives users the power to generate 3D models of real-world buildings, objects and vegetation for incorporation into 3D scenes generated by SiteBuilder 3D. Both products facilitate the simple creation of 3D scenes from GIS and geospatial data, without requiring a high-level of technical or 3D modeling experience, and are a direct result of MultiGen-Paradigm’s commitment to expanding the use of realtime 3D visualization to 3D GIS.

Some of the significant new features delivered with SiteBuilder 3D v1.1 include the abilities to generate terrain from any feature theme, or themes, that contain elevation data, to define and navigate custom paths, and to produce digital movie files directly from interactive sessions. In addition, this latest release delivers enhanced environmental effects, new inset windows that display a top-down or orthographic view of the 3D scene, and a tool that measures distances based on user input. The technology for ModelBuilder 3D is based on MultiGen Creator™, the widely adopted modelling and authoring system for realtime 3D commercial, urban, and military simulation applications. ModelBuilder 3D will allow users to enhance realism by providing them the ability to quickly generate and incorporate 3D models of real-world buildings, objects and vegetation.

The technology behind SiteBuilder 3D and ModelBuilder 3D benefits from MultiGen-Paradigm’s 16 years of experience delivering realtime 3D products and services. MultiGen-Paradigm’s involvement in the GIS community ties the GIS and realtime 3D visualization data together giving our customers the best of both worlds. In addition, SiteBuilder 3D is the 3D GIS component in The Orton Family Foundation’s CommunityViz product.