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MTNL launches map-based location service

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited in India has launched the first map-based location services, ‘Maps and Directions’, on its GPRS network. It offers location search, maps and directions to MTNL’s GPRS users. The service has a nation-wide coverage, connecting more than 160 cities and six metros extensively. ‘Maps and Direction’ service has been offered in association with MapMyIndia. With a powerful array of features like eCity, eTrips and eLocator, users can quickly search and reach their destination with exhaustive database of over a million of points of interest and full colour interactive maps. eCity offers extensive entertainment options and emergency services whereas eLocation displays corresponding location map, customised directions and other contact information. Etrips allows its users to find directions, distances and road maps between all major cities of India. It also provides map and information about tourist destinations in the country. As of now the user has to select his current location through a guided search and specify his points of interest, but in the near future, MTNL plans to enhance the service to save customers from the hassle of selecting steps and location. Future offerings with MapMyIndia include a real-time online tracking system that would track registered mobile numbers on both GPRS mobile phones and internet. MTNL was set up by the Government of India to upgrade the quality of telecom services, expand the telecom network, introduce new services and to raise revenue for telecom development needs of India’s key metros – Delhi and Mumbai.