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MRWA to implement Integrated Road Information System

The Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) is one of the world’s largest users of an integrated linear asset management system designed specifically to manage complex highway networks that cover expansive geographical areas. Australia’s geography roughly equivalent to the size of Western Europe, contains some of the planet’s most isolated roads and extreme conditions with temperatures ranging from below 0 to in excess of 50 degrees centigrade.

MRWA has over 17,500 kilometers of National and State roads to manage, valued in excess of $16.3 billion dollars. MRWA also assists Local Government in the management of a further 130,000 kilometers of local roads. To be able to effectively manage a network of this size MRWA requires a corporate Road Information Management System robust enough to meet its specific and unique challenges.

As a direct result of business drivers in 1999, MRWA went through an expression of interest tender process. Exor, part of a combined bid with Oracle and Fujitsu, was ultimately successful in the process and became the preferred tenderer. The bid was to provide MRWA with an ‘off the shelf’ solution that replaced a number of disparate existing systems but at the same time provided the capability of meeting existing and emerging business requirements such as the implementation of Statewide performance based Term Network (maintenance) Contracts. The system implemented by Exor is referred to as IRIS – Integrated Road Information System.

As a direct result of the work undertaken and completed by Exor a strategic technology partnership has evolved where advances in software and new emerging business requirements are scoped, developed and delivered into the world’s largest user of exor software as part of its core product.

“Out of all of this, MRWA gets a standard and uniform system so they can concentrate on their core functionality. With over three hundred registered users on IRIS (Integrated Road Information System) the technology has to work.”

The delivery program went through three stages. Initial licensing of Exor software modules such as Network Manager, Spatial Data Manager, Structures Manager, Traffic Manager, Document Manager and Accidents Manager. Further developments of software upgrades, to version three releases, enhanced functionality and met exacting business requirements of MRWA. Additionally Exor provided extensive training and consultancy on the project.

Exor’s software modules, such as Accidents Manager, are highly considered elements of the system. This module enables MRWA to effectively manage accident records relative to the underlying road network. With this referencing in place accident statistics can be analyzed against other road related data, such as road conditions to determine any causal factors. The calculation of important road usage measures such AADT’s (Annual Average Daily Traffic), is also made easy through the integration to Exor’s Traffic Manager module. This then aids the future planning processes of the road infrastructure.