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MPSI Systems Inc. introduces Retail Explorer Plus at a special introductory price

MPSI Systems Inc., a global provider of spatial decision support systems and information services, today announced the release of a new, advanced retail analysis and modeling system called Retail Explorer Plus(TM). Designed as a strategic and tactical retail decision support tool, this product, essential for network, capital, and operational planning, offers users a new level of sophistication and flexibility. A dynamic, yet straightforward user interface offers easy access to a suite of powerful, retail analysis applications including GIS and Predictive Modeling. Users can readily create, analyze and display standard or customized data, maps, reports, forms and photos and evaluate and predict consumer and retail store behavior.

Retail Explorer Plus is positioned as an enhanced version of the current Retail Explorer(TM) product from MPSI®, providing new capabilities and additional functionality to the features users employ most often. By combining superior mapping with cutting edge modeling capabilities and timely, comprehensive retail data, Retail Explorer Plus gives users a penetrating, revealing look at their market, their competitors, their brand and their customers. Users can access and analyze data graphically, geographically or through comprehensive reports and tables. Customized capabilities include the ability to import proprietary or third party data, bind data to pre-existing retail model data and display information in any number of ways including thematic maps, dynamic graphics or HTML reports. Also hailed as exciting new features of Retail Explorer Plus are the ability users have to create a separate database that reflects user-generated market changes and the ability to generate volume projections beyond the boundaries of the market study area.