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mPower Technologies and Utility Sciences Corporation announce alliance

Appleton, USA, November 21, 2006 – mPower Technologies, the developer of mPower Integrator, and Utility Sciences Corporation (USC) are officially announced their co-reseller agreement today. Both companies will now be able to provide their customers with complete GIS solutions that help their customers collect, design, maintain, and distribute their GIS data.

Greg Calcari, Vice President of Business Development for mPower Technologies said, “This alliance will allow us to provide our customers a foundation for their data, allowing them to create, update, and store all of their geospatial facility information in a structured manner that ensures high data integrity. This is especially important to our electric co-op and public utility clients, several of whom have already implemented USMap.”

Dana Chapman of USC stated, “mPower Integrator allows our customers to distribute data across departments and to different types of end users in ways that are meaningful and valuable to each individual. The flexible administration tool ensures each user has precisely the level of data viewing and/or editing abilities deemed appropriate. This has been very empowering to our customer’s who’ve implemented the combined solution.”

– About mPower Technologies
mPower Technologies (https://mpower-tech.com) is a technology consulting, developer, and service company that draws upon more than 30 years experience in the geospatial industry. They empower their clients by eliminating costly consultation and proprietary development that many other consultants and software providers require.

– About Utility Sciences Corporation (USC)
Working in conjunction with Autodesk Inc., USC (https://www.utilitysciences.com) the company meets the needs of small and mid-sized utilities by offering solutions that match the unique requirements of each utility.