Mozilla developing geolocation data service for public use

Mozilla developing geolocation data service for public use


US: Mozilla Firefox is attempting to provide geolocation lookups to list mobile phones, satellite and WiFi connections in different locations.

It will pick up new connections and list them on its Mozilla Location Service site so users can identify their approximate location even if they have weak GPS signal or laptops without GPS hardware.

The pilot project provides the geolocation lookups based on publicly observable cell tower and WiFi access point information.

It is collecting its data from users who are contributing via its app, MozStumbler, and a leaderboard to encourage its crowdsourcers to gather more information.

Mozilla is asking people to upload the app and simply keep it turned on as they travel so it can feed back data to Mozilla.

On a blogpost on its website, it stated, “While many commercial services exist in this space, there’s currently no large public service to provide this crucial part of any mobile ecosystem. Mobile phones with a weak GPS signal and laptops without GPS hardware can use this service to quickly identify their approximate location.”

Source: Telegraph