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Moxi Media releases spatial data editing tools for interactive web mapping applications

Moxi Media Inc. has announced that it has released an extension for its Internet Mapping Framework (IMF) product so that IMF-based interactive web mapping sites can allow users to edit spatial features over the Internet.

The IMF is a set of programs and Java classes that work with ArcIMS image map services as a server-side Java application services provider. A single IMF installation is capable of supporting a large number of web applications without code duplication. IMF sites are customized using XML configuration files that define site and layer characteristics while maintaining a common code base and consistent look and feel between an organization’s web mapping sites. IMF sites are rapidly developed, often within a few hours, usually without programming.

The editing tools can be used to edit lines, points or polygons using simplified digitizing processes which include copying features from existing layers, on-screen digitizing, coordinate geometry (COGO), vertex editing, and snapping. Once a feature has been edited, it is sent to a ‘handler’ script that performs the actual insert or update process. Typically, the handler script would use one of the Java APIs to insert or update the data into an SDE data table, but the process easily facilitates other custom processes to store the spatial data.

An on-line example of the polygon editing tools is available at https://imfhost.com/imf/imf.jsp?site=editdemo. Note that the demo site does not actually change the underlying data, but it does show the tools in action.

The editing tools are an add-on extension to the IMF product, working only with an installation of IMF. The IMF and the editing tools are available for purchase for installation at an organization’s site, or on a subscription basis for use as a remote application service.