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Mount prospect, Illinois goes live with GIS portal

Varion Systems, the software development and value-added reseller division of GeoAnalytics, Inc, has implemented a GIS portal on the Village of Mount Prospect, Illinois’ intranet. Mount Prospect hired Varion Systems to implement PV.Web 2.0, a GIS application that acts as a portal to a client’s spatial and tabular information. Built on ESRI’s ArcIMS technology, PV.Web gives the entire village the power of real GIS at an affordable price. Staff throughout the village can now easily navigate, browse, query, and report on both spatial and non-spatial data. From parcels to addresses and linked documents, if the data is available, PV.Web will serve it up to the entire organization. The ability of PV.Web to access spatial and tabular data throughout the Village provides them with the ability to link critical information to parcels such as documents and digital pictures, but also to grow the product over time. This functionality makes the data more available throughout the Village and energize the use of GIS throughout the Village,” said Varion Systems President, Paul Braun.

With real-time access to data, Village staffs save time by providing quicker responses to Village residents. “Prior to PV.Web, calls that came in to the front desk needed to be transferred to an engineer who would have to look up the information and return the call. Now the call doesn’t need to be transferred,” said Mount Prospect GIS Analyst Andy Zaletel. “Customer service can access the information in a minute or two just by knowing the address. This is a great time saver.
Licensed by server rather than user, PV.Web puts GIS analysis tools in the hands of many at an affordable rate versus more expensive desktop software. In addition, PV.Web runs within a standard web browser, requiring no plug-ins or additional software.