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Motorola i730 two-way radio phone, integrated with GPS receiver

Motorola announced the new i730 handset, a sleek, lightweight flip-style two-way radio (walkie-talkie) phone featuring an integrated GPS receiver, vibrant color screen, and Java(tm) technology. Weighing only 125 grams and measuring 12.2 x 2.5 x 5 cm, the Motorola i730 is the smallest radio phone ever offered by Grid, the island-wide digital public trunked mobile communications network service provider. The new i730 two-way radio phone is packed with advanced features including a new icon-based graphic user interface for intuitive and easy operation. It also features simplified navigation for ease of use and enhanced audio quality for dependable sound and easy conference calling while on-the-go.

“The new Motorola platform of iDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network) handsets no longer compromise style for reliability and advanced features,” said Rick Wolochatiuk, vice president of distribution, Motorola’s iDEN International Markets Division. “The Motorola i730 integrates JavaTM technology, GPS location-based services/content, and higher resolution 65,000-color screen to enable users to access full-color maps, driving directions, charts, games, and more, all in a single handset.”

The phone’s integrated A-GPS (assisted global positioning satellite) technology allows users to access location-based services such as driving directions, maps, local areas of interest, and even management systems to track mobile workforces – all in high-resolution color.

“The i730 two-way radio phone arrives at an opportune time as we have introduced the new Smart Track location-based service. Smart Track is a web-based vehicle tracking service that enables customers to monitor their vehicles and field staff with up-to-the-minute position. With the i730 handset, powered with two-way radio, mobile phone, data and now GPS, customers will enjoy a cost-effective communication solution with the added benefit of asset tracking,” said Lim Meng Poo, CEO of DNA Communications. DNA Communications operates Grid, an island-wide digital public trunked mobile communications network offering two-way radio, mobile phone, wireless data services integrated in a single handset.