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Motorola expands Microcontroller Family for space-limited industrial applications

Motorola, Inc.’s Semiconductor Products Sector has expanded its line of integrated controller area network (CAN) microcontrollers (MCUs) that feature on-chip flash memory. Additions to the popular 8-bit HC08 family, the 68HC908GZ8 and 68HC908GZ16, provide customers with an attractive solution for space-limited applications.

Chip and board size can be a critical factor in embedded systems for building automation, climate and lighting control, machine and factory control and automotive electronics and motor control. The advanced MCUs come in small 32- and 48-pin packages while still offering a high level of integration.

Conlego Elektronik AB, a Swedish developer and producer of electronics, uses Motorola’s chips to design its products ranging from single boards to complete systems. CAN has gained widespread use in industrial automation and motor control with industry experts estimating more than 150 million network devices are connected with this protocol. One of the chief CAN features is the ability to allow one component of a distributed network to talk to another with minimal reliance on a central computer. Controller area networks have become the networking protocol of choice for many industry applications, such as packaging machinery, as well as manufacturers of agricultural equipment and medical devices.