‘More than 1,200 Satellites to be launched in 10 years’

‘More than 1,200 Satellites to be launched in 10 years’


France: Euroconsult, a leading global consulting and analyst firm specialising in satellite sector, has forecasted that approximately 1,220 satellites will be built for launch over the next decade. The average of 122 satellites, to be launched per year, is up significantly from the annual average of 77 satellites launched in the previous decade, a sign that government and commercial operators require more satellite capabilities.

In Euroconsult’s just-released “Satellites to be Built and Launched by 2019, World Market Survey,” the company projects that revenues from the manufacturing and launch of these 1,220 satellites will reach USD 194 billion worldwide for the decade.

The report concludes that governments around the world will continue to dominate the space market, accounting for two thirds of the total number of spacecraft launched and the same amount of launch and manufacturing revenues.

“Governments realise that satellite systems are a critical part of their country’s infrastructure and contribute to socio-economic development by providing communications and geo-information solutions to many government agencies,” said Rachel Villain, Director for Space for Euroconsult and editor of the report.

Civilian and military government agencies in 50 countries will launch a total of 808 satellites in the next decade, with two-thirds of these satellites designated for civil or dual use. The military space market remains concentrated in a limited number of countries (USA, Europe, Russia, China, Japan and Israel).

Despite the fact that defence and security agencies prefer proprietary military satellite systems for communications, imagery intelligence, and space surveillance, budget constraints will encourage alternative solutions such as public-private partnerships (PPP) and government payloads hosted on commercial satellites, the report predicts.

Source: Space Daily