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More free online datasets of Australia

A further eight datasets of Australia are now free to download as a result of the Commonwealth Government’s new Spatial Data Access and Pricing Policy which was announced in September 2001. This brings to 10 the total number of free datasets now provided by Geoscience Australia’s National Mapping program, with Global Map Data Australia 1M 2001 and MODIS and NOAA remote sensing imagery already available from the web site.

The following datasets are now also available for download free of charge:

Reduced prices for packaged products
The 9 Second DEM of Australia is now reduced to $99 (including GST), a significant reduction from the original price of $2,538 made possible under the terms of the Commonwealth Government’s Spatial Data Access and Pricing Policy.

The DEM is Geoscience Australia’s first product to be offered at the new price for packaged products. From 1 March 2002, all products defined as “packaged” under the policy will be available for $99.

More flexible licensing conditions
Licensing arrangements for all digital data products covered under the policy will also be more flexible from 1 March 2002. The new arrangements remove restrictions on the use and redistribution of digital data.

Geoscience Australia will continue to supply a range of digital datasets as customised products, ensuring that users can tailor their orders to meet their specific needs. The price of these products will remain unchanged.