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Monroe County, NY 9-1-1’s use of Pictometry helps Propel Agency to be honored outstanding call center of the year

New York, USA, 29 March 2007: Pictometry today offered its congratulations to Monroe County’s 9-1-1 Communication Center, one of the early adopters of Pictometry’s location-enabled imaging technology, for being honored by the E9-1-1 Institute as the 2007 Outstanding Call Center of the Year.

Gregory Rohde, the Executive Director of the E9-1-1 Institute said, “We honored the Rochester/Monroe County 9-1-1 Communication Center for their leadership and excellence in integrating systems, implementing new technology, managing key emergency communications, and educating the public. Their leadership in ensuring public safety and awareness is outstanding.”

The combined City of Rochester and Monroe County, NY’s state-of-the-art communication center is fully compliant to Phase II E9-1-1 requirements and is responsible for managing over 1,200,000 calls for service on an annual basis for 16 police departments, 45 fire departments, and 32 emergency medical services agencies. “We were one of the first public safety agencies in the nation to install Pictometry in our call center. This critical component of our total approach to Phase II 9-1-1 enables our telecommunicators to better respond to our calls for service,” said Monroe County 9-1-1 Director John Merklinger.

Pictometry’s patented aerial imaging technology captures and catalogues image libraries of entire counties and states. The company’s software allows users to access up to 20 oblique aerial photos of every square foot in an area, including every building, highway, or other feature. The software also enables users to instantly obtain measurements such as distance, height, and areas on both horizontal and vertical structures, directly from the Intelligent Images® as well as overlay GIS data and create fully textured, Pictometry Real3D™ models. As an ESRI Developer Partner, Pictometry also provides additional GIS solutions for ESRI that include an ArcGIS extension, ArcIMS integration, ArcSDE support, and a COM interface.