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MODON turns to GIS system

H.E, Dr. Tawfig bin Fawzan Alrabiah, Director General of MODON (Saudi Industrial Property Authority) signed Geographic Information System contract with the Saudi Consolidated Engineering Company (Khatib & Alami) project aims to design a Geographic Information System for MODON, develop applications and display information of the industrial cities on the Internet to promote the technological service level presented in the industrial cities throughout the Kingdom. The system provides forms for the use of investors and owners of the factories in both Arabic and English languages, in addition to other forms provided for MODON staff and Industrial Cities’ departments. The system will provide several services, including:

  • Control and identify vacant allocated areas and leased areas industrially, commercially and residentially and to know the proportion of each one of these.
  • Support strategic studies for identifying the future industrial cities according to their locations from land, sea and air ports, and their location from facilities and services, so as to identify the characteristics of each industrial city.
  • Support marketing campaigns used by MODON to attract investors and developers of business and industries.
  • Create investment opportunities within the existing cities such as, hotels, business centers, gas stations, restaurants, etc., with the possibility of showing the same directly with all their spatial details on MODON website.
  • Identify tracks of electricity network within the industrial city and its surroundings to support the design and development of the infrastructure of the industrial city.
  • Support the maintenance works of drinking water network, sewage and flooding discharge.
  • Support development and refreshment of the green areas and irrigation systems in the industrial city.
  • Set out telecommunications towers and telephone lines network to promote and upgrade the technological service level in the industrial cities.
  • Monitor and maintain roads network in the industrial cities.
  • Field update of the geographic data for the industrial city plants and facilities from pocket PCs through GPS system.

Dr. Alrabiah announced that amongst MODON developmental objectives is the conversion of all its conventional transactions into electronic transactions and sought to integrate the originated systems in MODON, especially the interface relating to client property management system to assist in speeding up the allocation of land, follow-up of factories and to overcome all obstacles that may encounter the allocation process and the optimal use of the land, as the system allows the online allocation of land and data, follow-up client’s data and private property in MODON, follow-up invoices, contracts in addition to various reports that can be generated from the system such as vacant spaces, evaluating the lesser with the vacant space, owner account statements and balance sheets of the tenants, in addition to the follow-up requests of land and taking necessary action using (Workflow) system in addition to internal systems such as My Portal, Mytask and Myservice system, as well as vehicle tracking system, which was recently installed in cars of private security in the industrial cities.