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Mobile phone-based GPS navigation service now in multiple languages

Televigation has launched an upgraded version of TeleNav (www.TeleNav.net), a navigation service similar to GPS systems found in luxury vehicles, but integrated into mobile phones, costing a fraction of the price. Using a built-in or attached GPS receiver, TeleNav determines the driver’s location and computes the most direct route to a desired destination. TeleNav provides up-to-the-minute guidance through voice automation, including the distance to upcoming turns. As drivers approach a turn, TeleNav provides a 10 second advanced warning of the required action. The service can also detect if drivers are off route and respond by calculating a new route to steer drivers back on track.

TeleNav provides users with more enhanced features than conventional GPS navigation systems, including voice-activated destination input, airport code location information, automatic voice-activated driving cues, Yellow Pages and multilingual capabilities including Spanish, Russian and Mandarin. Televigation’s service is priced as low as $5.99 per month.

“To date, most consumers have opted out of purchasing in-car navigation services due to the high cost,” said Salman Dhanani, senior director of marketing at Televigation. “By integrating the service into mobile phones, Televigation has dramatically reduced the cost. It’s now possible for any driver to have a safe way of navigating to any destination in the continental US.” “In addition to cost, TeleNav addresses safety concerns by integrating voice-activated technology so drivers can keep their eyes on the road, and not on paper maps or printed directions,” added Dhanani.